Barton Biggs: 1 in 10 Chance of Anarchy in the U.S.

Today, Paul Farrell quoted Barton Biggs as predicting the breakdown of civilization and anarchy:

In his 2008 bestseller “Wealth, War and Wisdom” former Morgan Stanley research guru Barton Biggs warns us to prepare for a “breakdown of civilization … Your safe haven must be self-sufficient and capable of growing some kind of food … It should be well-stocked with seed, fertilizer, canned food, wine, medicine, clothes, etc … A few rounds over the approaching brigands’ heads would probably be a compelling persuader that there are easier farms to pillage.” Biggs sounds like an anarchist militiaman.

I haven’t read Wealth, War and Wisdom, and I wanted to find out what Biggs is actually forecasting for the U.S.

I found a recent (December 15th) interview in which Biggs gives specifics:

Is what’s happening now in Dubai and Greece, for example, a canary in the coal mine? In Greece, there is real chaos and anarchy, with mobs on the street. If Dubai goes down the drain, there’s going to be serious trouble, because they have a million or so imported workers from third-world countries. They are working their butts off, and they have been cheated for years, in terms of what they are paid and their food allowances. There are going to be real problems there.

You can make the case that it is not inconceivable that the barbarians could be at the gate in Europe, Japan and the US. It’s one chance in ten that’s going to happen but, as a person with wealth, you must ask what type of insurance to take out against that …

It sounds simplistic, but there’s nothing the matter with having some kind of self-sufficient farm that is not close to the big cities. It sounds almost stupid, but it sure paid off in occupied Europe during World War II. I don’t think periods of anarchy are going to last a long time in countries like the US. But could we have four or five months of anarchy? I think there’s one chance in ten that could happen.

Marc Faber also recommends buying a farm. And many experts and officials have warned of economic crisis-induced unrest.

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  • Will McDonald's still be open?

  • About anarchy, the distance to Detroit from where you are, -and our perceptions about anarchy."You pee on that wall and I'll kill you.""Dead Detroiter found in block of ice. Read all about it." I read today, nightly -there are 40,000 homeless in Los Angeles right now, 40,000 in one large city.How many are homeless there nationwide?Obama talks about a guy whose crotch ignited on an airplane, but he does not talk about the homeless in this country.I think we've been conditioned over the past ten years -not- to recognize anarchy when we see it.Anarchy does not mean a total lack of government.Anarchy means a government that is wholly ineffective.Anarchy existed when Nero let Rome burn.

  • A lot of people think that something like this will arise from an impending financial crisis. I think that the probability of that is a whole lot less than an unexpected oil shock. That could really do it and pretty quickly.

  • The NWO in the USA forgot our heritage is HARDWIRED into us as Americans. I give dissolution of the USA and a FREE, truly FREE, nation arising from the midst of the USA a 100% probability – a 10 in 10 "chance". I give 2010 a 90% probability – a 9 in 10 "chance" – for us to see this nation begin to RISE this year. Dissolution of the USA mauy occur anywhere from 2010 to 2012 – but this nation will not remain intact until 2013. And, as "powerful" as they THINK they are, the mobsters controlling government will have NO POWER to stop the free nation from rising from the midst of the USA. Kiss the USA b-bye. She's about to perish from the earth by the rope the central government gave itself in the hands of the mob – enough rope to hang the USA. The USA – She's got her head through the noose and is about to experience the floor collapsing underneath her.We're not Japan. We're not Europe. We're AMERICANS – and our heritage is hardwired into us – and no amount of immigration will change the core power of the American people to throw off tyranny and arise in perfect liberty under a government of their own CONSENT.Our CHARACTER is our DESTINY – and it is SEEN in our HISTORY – oh NWO bankster fascist government FOOLS.

  • What better time to reconsider Edwin Markham's famous nineteenth century poem, The Man With The Hoe. Here are its final stanzas just pregnant with meaning for this crisis:"O masters, lords and rulers in all lands,Is this the handiwork you give to God,This monstrous thing distorted and soul-quenched?How will you ever straighten up this shape;Touch it again with immortality;Give back the upward looking and the light;Rebuild in it the music and the dream;Make right the immemorial infamies,Perfidious wrongs, immedicable woes?"O masters, lords and rulers in all lands,How will the future reckon with this Man?How answer his brute question in that hourWhen whirlwinds of rebellion shake all shores?How will it be with kingdoms and with kings–With those who shaped him to the thing he is–When this dumb Terror shall rise to judge the world,After the silence of the centuries?" Andrei Vyshinsky

  • Forecasting anarchy is about as easy as timing the stock market. I forsee something like a perfect storm of problems comprised of Peak Oil, more financial collaspe of the stock and the bond market, a forecasted food crisis,commercial real estate failure, bank failures, 400 million more house foreclosures,states that are bankrupt and out of public assistance money. These are the things you can see right now. Could they esculate into anarchy in the coming year. If they don't you can probably put it down as a miracle.

  • Only 1 in 10 chance? Criminy, with all the hoopla on the interwebs, one would think total collapse was imminent.

  • We are already in a state of anarchy as we are living without the rule of law. As bankers man the farms, I am consoled with the folly of their arrogance. Do they know anything about farming? Will these gentlemen attach themselves to the plow? Are they an island, or will they require benevolent fly-over people to work their fields? Will they use diesel or horses? Worthless paper for fertilizer? Terminator seed for their seed stock? Those starving outside gunshot range will at least be entertained.

  • It's already happening… just covered up so far… Living in the Philippines gives a different perspective… I know of families here whose OFW"s are already stranded in Dubai with no pay for 6 months… passports and documents taken away when they reported for work originally… subsiding on what there poor families can scrape together here and send to them… what is the solution?

  • All the worlds problems come down to two things. Both related. It is simply a morale decline. It is greed and dishonesty that is bringing down private enterprise and the capital system. This capital system has worked well in the past for the U.S. in particular, only because the people were generally very honest people, and interested in the welfare of their neighbour and everyone else as well. Honesty and the interest in serving others, is the key element to have democracy work. Politicans now only serve themselves, and those lobby groups who have the money control.

  • Culmination of : social engineering-failed.(2)reward of incompetence. (3)the attempted removalof God from everything. The EU has it this way,and aren't they oh so prosperous, healthy, andhappy?

  • I'll probably just super size my order for a few days, try to pack on a few extra pounds of "insurance"…

  • Kudos to the previous anonymous writer with the NWO, American character & poem comments. Right on.As you see the global elite tighten the noose ever tighter, understand it's desperation. There IS a global awakening to Illuminati manipulations, & it's rightly unstoppable. Don't fight them, just share with others what's going on & refuse your participation. The real power's at the base, not the top of the pyramid. Don't get the swine flu shot(s). Love your neighbor.

  • Do you not know, have you not heard, that a one-world gov't is being set up, with or without the seditious knowledge of corrupt men, by the angelic powers that be? It is prophecy in the Bible that tells us in Daniel 7:23 that the fourth kingdom on earth, of which we are a part, "shall devour the whole earth." And biblical prophecy must and will happen in all its details.This fourth gentile kingdom includes the Roman Empire (which did NOT conquer the then known world) and the east-west balance of power (from 364AD-to present). The current balance of power will be crushed by a super government, initiated either when economic ruin occurs in the west or when Russia and her allies invade Israel and are consequently demolished on her hills. By whom? By YHVH from heaven with fire and brimstone (read Ezekiel 39).This will bring in the super government, which, probably because it won't work, morphs again into a 10 nation world government. (the 10 toes of Daniel).Finally, the last gentile ruler arises through a World War, killing 3 of these nations' leaders, he becoming the eighth. He comes to power by a peace treaty with Israel and after 3.5 years, breaks the treaty and begins to persecute Israel with such persecution as she has never seen, no, not even under Hitler.She flees to Bosrah, while AntiChrist gathers his armies at Armageddon and sweeps down through the beautiful land and sacks Jerusalem. Meanwhile the free peoples, those who love the Jewish people, destroy his city of Babylon. But he heads south to finish off the Jews and… you have to read what happens next in the Bible.

  • The beginning of the end will be when SS payments and Veterans Benefits are cut and/or delayed. Those of us who proudly served will be the first to help reclaim this country.

  • Our leaders lead by example, and what we've witnessed in the US is remarkable greed, hubris, incompetence, indifference toward suffering, the flouting of laws (apparently written for the masses only), and utter moral failure (often illustrated by the failure to pay one's federal income taxes even when caught or paying the nanny off the books — and far more egregious offenses, such as selling out one's consituents in order to raise cash for the next campaign).Since we (the masses) take our cue from our leaders (both consciously and subconsciously), the miscreants among us will surely devolve — at first opportunity — into doing what many of our leaders do so well and for all to see: gather as much as they can (riches, power, adulation, pleasure) by whatever means at their disposal.So, count yourself fortunate if you live in rural America because I'm afraid there's at least one chance in ten that we're about to see a repeat of the urban rioting and looting of the Sixties. It will take strong, moral leadership to prevent such chaos, and I seriously doubt we have it.

  • I like the WE are americans comment also….This is the beginning of the Fourth Turning. I am optimistic and ready.

  • There is such a thing as a self fulfilling prophecy. If enough nutjobs believe the end of the world is nigh, then it will be so.

  • I think that that article is nonsense. You, Americans do not know what is real anarchy and talk about farm as an alternative to 1 through this chaos, it is worthwhile 0. This is my, as Europeans, Lithuanians perspective.

  • I think that that article is nonsense. You, Americans do nt know what is real anarchy and talk about farm as an alternative to 1 through this chaos, it is worthwhile 0. This is my, as Europeaus,Lithuanians perspective.

  • A-NA-NA-MOOSE here: I would agree that there are a fair number of us common citizens here in America who have simply "had enough" of the incompetent, entrenched members of Congress whose sole purpose seems to be to keep themselves in office; without any concern whatsoever for the greater good and the nation as a whole.In this mid-term election year it is time for us to send a CLEAR MESSAGE to those twits in Washington and toss out the ones who have been there for far too many years or lean too far toward socialism. The question is, do we have the will to do it? I sure hope so.As to an earlier Anonymous – I think you nailed it right on the head that globally, our problems stem from demoralization and rampant greed. These will be our undoing unless we can make some serious changes.

  • Well I think you all are wrong. I am going to keep going to work and keep shopping. We all have to do our part.

  • At some point you will die. Alone. And none of this will have mattered.

  • "IT'S THE CONSTITUTION STUPID":Petition to the Hawaii Government to release Obama’s Vital RecordsFULL TEXT OF PETITION:

  • Although I discount much of the talk about total anarchy, I would caution frightened city folk that buying a farm/retreat in a remote rural area might not be such a wise plan. A stranger unaccustomed to agriculture with no close friends nearby would be ripe fruit for picking by local crooks – and there are always some, both homegrown and passing through, even in remote, rural areas. So, unless you are prepared to support and defend yourself, by yourself, it might be best to locate where you have close friends you can depend on to help defend and support youself and your family. In the unlikely event of a total breakdown of law and order, the support of close friends where you are rather than withdrawal to a remote area by yourself would seem to be the best bet for survival.

  • Our professional politicians are no longer representatives. They are feathering their own nests and screwing the law abiding among us. I feel a major adjustment is happening and who nows when the big break will come, but it is coming.

  • "There is such a thing as a self fulfilling prophecy. If enough nutjobs believe the end of the world is nigh, then it will be so"Uh, Sherlock. What would be your example of a global anarchy self-fulfilled prophecy? Like, dude, when has anything like this ever happened before? When has a society tricked itself into chaos by mere words?

  • @ The Grey Tiger…Your comment is hyperbole. There's not even 400 million people in the United States, and the amount of housing equates to a small percentage of our population considering that entire families live in a single home. I hope you were exaggerating just to get your point across. I want to see some reliable statistics and quotes from experts to prove that there will be anarchy…simplifying extremely complex issues into jargon and rhetoric is lazy. Predicting anarchy at this stage in the game is like predicting an earthquake. @ The Religious Peoples here…Using biblical prophecy to give credence to your point is ridiculous, especially considering the Bible, Koran, etc. was written by people who were even stupider than they are today. If anarchy in the U.S. would have happened, it would have been during the great depression when the banks destroyed people's lives and the government dropped the Gold Standard. If any of you think it's bad now, you should talk to your grandparents about how insane it was, that is if they're still alive. How many families do you know that are living in the streets, out of their cars, or living in tents?

  • Who truly know what will happen and when. The world and the U.S. are in trouble. All we can do is prepare the best we can with what we have. Nutjobs? No, just people willing to prepare for whatever may come our way. An extra weeks worth of food, extra fuel, a few candels……. At the least, do what you can. I grew up in the 60's and remember the corner of the basement that had been set up by my father in case of Nuclear Weapons. Sort of strange for us kids but he did what he could. After it was all over, we ate the extra food, drank the water and soon forgot about the whole thing. Will I go out and buy 5000 rounds of 223's or 45's? Probably, but no matter what happens, I'll still shoot it up, even if it's for fun. Same with food, water and fuel….

  • govern, liars , cheats,f your buddy .. make a buck.. its all coming to a head and you won't stop this train. upper class don't like middle class.. American dream will have race wars or class wars. the bankers set back and wait for the dust to clear. many people don't survive.PUSH GOD OUT HE WILL LET YOU GO TO YOUR KNEES… VOTE THE BUMS OUT

  • Anarchy…. Good Grief how ridiculous is that. You cant even get people to register to vote, much less rise up in revolt. The American public in gerneral is too stupid and lazy to do anything like reject their government. The only way they might do that is if they cut off the entitlement programs and then they would still be too lazy to organize. (That might be too much like work) If you mean Anarchy in that the government dosent work for the best interests of the people… well we've had that since 1980.

  • Dam straight about the people of the US being too disorganized to revolt. For all of you predicting the collapse of the world in 2010, if it doesn't come, will you never post anything again? It'll be worth the wait!


  • People in America have been sedated with television & other dumb down amusements for a long time – turn off the power for just a few days and you will see people rioting in the streets.

  • When the bond market bubble implodes and the federal gov't is insolvent and her broke states are in shambles maybe the majority of the citizenry will hold those in office accountable for not doing the peoples business. Maybe then we have some type of organized anarchy to take our country back.

  • Wake UP! The time has come!!

  • You have to remember that Biggs was bullish on the market as a whole at the start of 2008. I love the guy and think he's great (I've read both of his books) but unless the lights go out and the water stops running anarchy isn't in the cards. Basically, people don't have the energy or the insight or they would've gone mad when Bush was selected president or when the banks were bailed out.At least the people who were screwed by Bernie had a face to place on their felony. People are far to docile today. So sit back relax and turn on the tube because the "revolution will not be televised" and it won't be occurring in Primetime or anytime for that matter but I do like his idea about storing some wine in your shelter. Gimme Shelter.

  • I don't know about the end of the world as we know it, but I would like to see the real culprits of the recent financial meltdown punished. There are 435 of them in the house and 100 of them in the Senate. That would be a good first step to getting this nation turned around.

  • During the depression and the war, people grew gardens in the back yard. Before the war, more that half the people lived on farms and small towns. We were a Christian nation at that time. Less so now. Once we started paying(women) just to have babies, there was a decline in morals and an increase of uneducate people. I expect a garden or a horde of food would be robbed by the lowest forms.

  • Read James Baldwin's "The Fire Next Time"