Taleb: “I Will …Structure Trades With My Universa Friends To Bet On The Next Mistake By Bernanke, Summers, And Geithner.”

Famed financial expert and investment advisor Nassim Nicholas Taleb has revealed his new trading strategy:

I will also structure trades with my Universa friends to bet on the next mistake by Bernanke, Summers, and Geithner.

In an investing climate where not much else is certain, Taleb is betting that the three stooges will continue to make staggeringly huge blunders.

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  • Pretty good bet.Will he share his strategy?S

  • Here's another good line from Bill Bonner @ Daily Reckoning (ht Automatic Earth)(QUOTE)There is also the problem of paying the interest on rising debt loads. Thanks to the forgetfulness or credulity of the world's lenders, borrowers now benefit from exceptionally low rates – just like the 'teaser' rates once accorded to sub-prime lenders. But the tease will come to an end soon. Even the Obama Administration forecasts interest payments to rise from $200 billion at present to $700 billion by 2019. This assumes interest rates only regress to 'normal.' But "hot money" from the feds has acted like spent nuclear fuel; every fish in the financial pond now seems to have two heads and a bag over both of them. (UNQUOTE)

  • can they really be called "blunders" when the banks are making such staggeringly huge profits on them?

  • I agree with superfantastic. I think calling them blunders is like calling them incompetent. Even though I think they all are masters at their game and they knew exactly what they were doing all along. They meant to do this to benefit their bosses.Look at the pathetic sheeple though, on the other hand. First off, the sheeple don't recognize the moves, made by the three stooges, for what they are and even when they call it mistakes or blunders, not a damn thing they can do about it except for whine or vent.Same as me I guess.