Design Changes to Site

I’m trying to make the site’s design more user-friendly.

Please let me know whether you:

  • Like the design better
  • Don’t like the design as much
  • Couldn’t care less

Thanks for your patience.

Also, for those who write us emails, please be assured we read every email and value your tips, leads and feedback. We get too many emails to respond to all, but please keep ’em coming.

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  • new banner looks stylin

  • Crisp and clean.

  • Val

    I like the color scheme better, for sure. New banner is pretty awesome, too. Nice job!

  • I like the updates. Look forward to more in the future.

  • Much better than before.

  • jon

    Might I just ask, that whatever you settle on, you get rid of the white background…it makes it all too glaring to read for any length of time.Maybe some sort of off-white, grey or cream…or break it up somehow…anything to cut down on the glaring sheets of white.As for the look, I quite like the cool blue, but either I haven't got a font installed, or the TIMES font for the main title looks nasty.I do a bit of cartooning on my tabletPC, if you had an idea you wanted drawn for your logo, I would be happy to help if you desire. This is what I was up to: me know.

  • I would suggest you allow links to open on same page/tab rather than forcing a new one to be opened.