“The World [Is Not] a Handful of Huge Financial Institutions, the Dinosaurs That Roamed the Earth [But] 115 Million American Households”

Tarp overseer Elizabeth Warren had a great quote on MSNBC’s Morning Joe:

If you think the world as we know it, are a handful of huge financial institutions, the dinosaurs that roamed the earth, then you’re right [that the government had to bail out the giant banks]. They are not going to exist without huge infusions of government money. On the other hand if what you really believe is that our economy and our world is 115 million American households you start to see it very differently. And you say, you know if the dinosaurs are gone there are still a lot of stuff to be done.


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  • The crocodile contrition of all these apologists is laughable.Every single one of these panelists believes in theories of social-Darwinism, e.g., they believe they are in their positions of wealth, power and privilege -because they are superior human beings. The blame lies at all their feet too.I ask all those who read here to consider just how superior these dweebs might feel when the mob has them all strung-up with their own social-Darwinist feelings of superiority.Survival of the fittest, is in the eye of the beholder expressing his sick, depraved theories about how wonderful the life is, while they poke putrid carcasses with a stick.Stay out of public places people. It is getting VERY nasty out there as a result of the widespread public malfeasance of the wealthy, powerful and privileged in this country and around the world.

  • I am very interested in this kind of news. Not necessarily world finances, but NY finances. I am entrepreneur and the tips in newspapers help me a lot.

  • In this TV interview Elizabeth Warren inadvertently (I think) revealed that US economic policy is not informed by a concern about the well being of the vast majority of the American people, but by the financial elites (or ruling class) and their engines of wealth—the major financial institutions.

  • Ron, As a long time anti-establishment type, with Bear leanings, I thought it showed the Opposite. IE: Let'um go, and all together we will build a new future, as we have always done before, in spite of the politicos. I wish she was Sec.UST instead of The Turbo Taxcheat. But you are right about USG could could not care less about "the vast majority of the American people".