The Feds are Starting to Sound Like Wise Guys

You’ve heard the arguments:

Doesn’t this sound a wee bit like the old protection racket scam?

“We wouldn’t want anyone to get hurt, now would we?”

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  • Well hell yes I want someone to get hurt. Let' start with the whold cabinet group who met and discussed what tortures would be used individual by individual. A war crime if there ever was one. We fried the Nazi's who claimed to be just following orders and we fried the freaks who gave them. What's sauce for the gander is juice for the goose. Get the needles ready

  • Precisely right. Hey, G: have you written an article on monetary reform or whatever your suggested policy response is from our current psychopathological construct? I know you've pointed people to Ellen Brown's work, but can't recall or find a more specific policy recommendation.