Poll: Could a Third-Party Presidential Candidate Win in 2012?

Some analysts believe that a third-party candidate could win the 2012 presidential election.

I’ve got a poll on the right asking if you agree.

Update: Here are the final results:

1. Yes.
153 (39%)
2. No.
87 (22%)
3. It Depends on Who It Is.
107 (27%)
4. Only if the Economy Gets Worse.
84 (21%)

(Doesn’t add up to 100%, as voters could vote for multiple answers.)

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  • 1. Yes.This nation will split by 2012. The President of the new nation will definitely be 3rd Party. Oh, and btw, there will be only one "Party" in the nation we secede from and leave behind. (That's why we're leaving.)

  • I seriously doubt it.The system is set up to favor a two-party system, and the existing parties have agreed between themselves who the two parties will be. The media won't take a third-party candidate seriously, financial donors will not desert the existing parties, and thus the status quo will be maintained. Third-party candidates will be marginalized to the point that the voters feel they have no choice but to elect the lesser of two evils.Direct election of the president via instant-runoff or other non-partisan method is the most likely way to get a third-party president elected, but that is not going to happen by 2012 if ever.

  • http://www.thelandesreport.com/VotingSecurity.htmPaper Ballots are evidence. Hand Counting in public is transparent. This is transparent evidence, ideal for a provable Democracy…and Primaries…and Elections. If we could get this cheaper, easier, faster and more observably honest method of voting before the next primaries, politicians would then have to listen to the majority to rebuild manufacturing and public service jobs to rebuild the middle class.The following needs updating, but gives background of who has owned and controlled these voting machines.http://www.thelandesreport.com/VotingMachineCompanies.htmAuthoritarians hate majority rule and democracy. Obama and Democrats, Greens, Independents, Republicans, and Ron Paul should now be saving our Democracy and majority rule for the next primaries and elections. Now is a good time to do that. And, if not, a very suspicious why not?Republican leaning voting machine companies and their media help select primary candidates which may now be all that is needed to assure a desired outcome either way in the general election. If a third party candidate demands Paper Ballot evidence, Hand Counted accountability in elections, and public postings of results at precincts, that would be one, if not the only one way to win. http://www.blackboxvoting.org/http://electiondefensealliance.org/

  • The only candidate who will get my vote will have to pledge to arrive in Washington D.C. with enough troops, guns and mobile guillotines to get the job done.

  • Anonymous said… The only candidate who will get my vote will have to pledge to arrive in Washington D.C. with enough troops, guns and mobile guillotines to get the job done.August 24, 2009 12:37 PM totally agree and wholeheartedly second this post !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • How about a Cynthia McKinney/Jesse Ventura ticket?

  • Gore & Nader

  • You'd have to replace Congress to make a difference. That's the big problem.

  • Laura – seceeding? Where oh where do people like you get these ideas? No one is seceeding from the Union. We survived the civil war, we'll survive this. And a 3rd party is never winning – 3rd parties are losers.