Is the Bank of Montreal (Canada’s 4th Largest Bank) About to Crash?

Dan Amos – who called the crash of Lehman and other giants beforehand – says that a major bank is lying about its ability to pay shareholder dividends, has been gaming its books, and is about to crash.

Amos doesn’t say which bank he’s talking about, but gives the following hint:

[It has] a 192 year old history and 37,000 employees . . .

A quick Google search reveals that this can only be the Bank of Montreal, also known as BMO Financial Group.

Stock Gum Shoe – a website devoted to guessing at the companies hinted at in stock tips – confirms that Amos was talking about Bank of Montreal.

This is newsworthy because the Canadian banks have widely been seen as the world’s safest and most stable banks. Indeed, the Bank of Montreal was listed as the 33rd safest bank in the world by Global Finance (see page 2).

Amos says that the Bank of Montreal won’t be able to pay the promised $1.5 billion dividend scheduled later this year, which will precipitate a crash in BMO’s stock by December.

Note: I am not an investment advisor and this should not be taken as investment advice.

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  • Havent the rules of monopoly been read?"The bank never goes 'broke'. If the bank runs out of money, it can issue as much as needed by writing it on an ordinay piece of paper."In Canada, the banks can print as much as they need.

  • not true. Money has to originate and has to generated. The Bank of Canada can print as much money as it likes but will produce inflation and currency devaluation

  • Your source is a Google search?

  • jarrad, he did not say what his source was. The bank was described to him and the one that fit closest was BMO

  • Bank of Canada actually wants inflation to devalue CAD to boost exports.

  • Link to Amos' comment?

  • If BMO Bank of Montreal crash… many many other banks will go before

  • Bank of Montreal Q3 profit up 6.9 pct. Where is the follow-up retraction?

  • The bank never goes "broke". The Bank of Montreal is the fourth largest bank in Canada & was founded in 1817, making it Canada's oldest bank.The company operates as BMO Bank of Montreal and has more than 900 branches.The company is ranked at number 189 on the Forbes Global 2000 list.Thus If the bank runs out of money, it can issue as much as needed by writing it on an ordinay piece of paper."Review Of The AA Credit Card

  • everything is I believe that Amos got some good of what will happen, you never know with Banks ANYWAY!!

  • I guess Bank of Montreal is still alive and kicking? Too bad the theory didn't work out. Will the team propose a new conspiracy? We can only hope! 🙂

  • And when Amos talks people listen?How is he a credible source on Canadian Banking? Stick to the real conspiracies; 911, global warming, swine flue and the moon landing. At least there's "some" evidence to support the claims.