Major New Report: Human Influences, The Sun, Volcanic Activity and El Niño ALL Affect Climate

A major new report to be published by Geophysical Research Letters, concludes that global warming will accelerate so quickly in the next 5 years – 150% of the IPCC’s predictions – that it is “expected to silence global warming sceptics”.

What I find interesting is that the report acknowledges that all 4 of the following factors affect climate:

  1. Human influences
  2. The sun
  3. Volcanic activity
  4. El Niño, also called the “southern oscillation”

Whether or not the report is correct about the next 5 years, I think it is important that mainstream scientists are now admitting that climate is affected by the 3 natural conditions of the sun, volcanism and the southern oscillation, as well as human influences.

The study did not look at the affect of magnetic fields or cosmic particles on the Earth’s climate. Future studies should examine these as well, to either rule them out as having an insignificant affect on climate, or else quantifying their impact.

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  • Finally, a report that points fingers at everything. The interesting thing that's not mentioned is of the 4 what is the only thing we have any control over. Oh my god it's us and the things we do. One result of the latest warming is the ice melt which always affects the Great Conveyor which has slowed 30% of late which has always brought on a cooling trend in parts of the world.

  • Really? You think that "mainstream scientists" were denying that the sun, volcanoes and a hundred other things affected the climate? That is amazingly ignorant of you.Try this:1. is there any evidence that solar activity is causing current warming? No.2. is there any evidence that volcanic activity is causing current warming? No.3. is there any evidence that anthropogenic carbon emissions are causing current warming? Yes. Massive, overwhelming evidence.You should spend a lot more time reading about climate science from credible sources before you try commenting on it.

  • @Olchin: Your argument is invalid since there is no current warming. Even the Guardian article referred to here admits it.A thought: Why is it that, in every pro-AGW article or comment I read, the writer is always insulting or condescending in his/her tone?