Every Single Republican Congress Member Has Now Co-Sponsored Bill to Audit the Fed… Democrats, Its Up To You

Ron Paul announced today:

All 178 Republican members of the House have now signed on as cosponsors of [the] Federal Reserve Transparency Act, HR 1207.

With a total of 271 cosponsors, Democrats must put pressure on another 19 Democratic co-sponsors in order to bring it to the magic number of 290 … so that it will be veto-proof by Obama.

Please call your Democratic and Independent representatives and urge them to co-sponsor H.R. 1207!

And everyone, please call your senator and ask them to support S. 604, the Federal Reserve Sunshine Act of 2009.

There is a huge campaign to keep the Fed’s shenanigans hidden (and see this). It will take every single one of us calling congress to make it happen.

This is not a partisan issue – every single Democrat and Independent should support Fed transparency.

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  • Thank you, George. This is interesting. Will there be enough "leaders" to see past the 2-party illusion to recognize the 1-party money/power domination? For those who would like a briefing on the Fed and money-creation power, I teach Macroeconomics and recommend my paper "The Heart of Economics" – available by clicking on my name. The paper also has 13 pages of sourced historical commentary; my favorite is Thomas Edison's extensive explanation to the NY Times.

  • Nice idiotic title. You're suggesting every single Republican congressman has sponsored or co-sponsored a single bill which is literally impossible according to Capitol rules. Senators can't sponsor HRs and likewise representatives can't sponsor SRs.

  • Anonymous: "house member" would be clearer than "congress member".

  • The sad irony here is that if the GOP were the majority party, they would oppose this bill.