Even France is Now Calling for a New Reserve Currency

China and Russia have long called for a new reserve currency.

India’s disenchantment with the dollar is dramatic, given that India is a close U.S. ally.

But now even France is calling to replace the Dollar as world reserve currency.

France – with the world’s 5th largest economy – is the first western nation to do so.

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  • How fast are we going to get to the point where the UK & US stand alone?

  • The people need to wise up and start using loacal community currencies. The money power is too important to be left to the banksters.

  • Too late for a remedy now. Canned food is a good investment.

  • Here is an interesting pattern. After leaving the FED, Greenspan tried to persuade the Saudis and others to disconnect the dollar from oil. That connection is why the dollar remained relatively stable. Recently, the Saudis and Dubai declared economic difficulties and reached out to Rothschild for aid. The message to Washington would be a willingness to go along with Greenspan's suggestion and crash our currency. So, the lawsuit against the Saudis went away. Then, the Saudis suddenly granted Israel airspace to attack Iran. Iran then started to sound reasonable and is seeming to make domestic concessions as well as calling for a meeting with Obama. 3D chess with high stakes, as far as I can see. I'm sure I have missed some moves…EQ