What the Murders of Dr. Tiller and Holocaust Museum Guard Really Mean

I believe that anyone who promotes further murders like Dr. Tiller or the guard at the holocaust museum are guilty of terrorism. As a Muslim blogger wrote about the Tiller murder:

Two men commit murder with the goal of influencing government policy in the United States. The crimes occur one day apart. Both are religiously motivated. The Muslim is charged with terrorism. The Christian is not.

On the other hand, anyone who tries to label the maniacs who committed the murders as “right wingers” is painting with too wide a brush.

The murders – and the prevention of potential future attacks – are part of an important law enforcement issue. But just as it was insane to invade Iraq based upon a false linkage with 9/11, it would be insane to try to label millions of Americans as being dangerous just because they are republicans, or liberals or any other group.

Remember, many on the left say that the people and the treasury are being looted by the big corporations and fat cats. See this, this and this. So don’t fall for the old divide and conquer trick of trying to distract from the populist anger which both the right and the left righteously feel at being ripped off.

And the fact that the guy who murdered the guard is anti-semitic does not mean that everyone who questions Israel’s oppressive policies is a bad guy. Remember, many Israeli citizens question their government’s actions.

And the fact that the murderer previously tried to take Federal Reserve employees hostage does not mean that everyone who criticizes the Federal Reserve is crazy. Indeed, many high-level Federal Reserve officials themselves criticize the Fed’s actions.

Finally, don’t buy Glenn Beck’s shallow attempt to link the Holocaust Museum murderer with 9/11 truthers. Geraldo Rivera previously tried to do the exact same thing in connection with the Times Square bombing, and failed miserably. And the Simon Weisenthal Center previously accused credible 9/11 truth organizations of being terrorists, or at least helping to radicalize people into becoming terrorists.

In reality, psychiatrists and psychologists have said that 9/11 truth activists are sane, and even the 9/11 Commissioners themselves no longer believe the government’s version of 9/11. Should we really label the high level military leaders, intelligence professionals, Congressmen, FBI officials and legal scholars who doubt the government’s version of 9/11 as terrorists?

In fact, the government labels anyone who disagrees with it a “terrorist”, and government apologists are eager to label anyone “taking a cynical stance toward politics, mistrusting authority, endorsing democratic practices, … and displaying an inquisitive, imaginative outlook” as worthy of a Stalinist trip to the insane asylum.

The overwhelming majority of people who protest the aggressive actions of the government of Israel, the Federal Reserve’s policies, or the official explanation of 9/11 are peaceful grandparents, mothers, father, ministers, lawyers, doctors, accountants, firefighters, children and other healthy, stable people.

Don’t paint with the same with-us-or-against-us broad brush that George W. Bush did. Judge individuals on a case-by-case basis.

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  • George, would you stop saying we invaded Iraq on false pretenses. We were quite transparent in our lies–just like when we said we'd pull out when the war was over.We invaded so we would be able to build a huge military base there and have a beachhead in the Middle East in case anyone tried to cut off our oil And 9/11 was to motivate us to do it.

  • A commenter I read on another thread really made me think. Forget all this talk of "terrorists", imo. Cuz, think about it. The world's largest terrorist organization is the CIA. Think of all they do in overthrowing govts, assassinating leaders, installing dictators. The CIA is the terrorist organization of the NWO, when you get right down to it. They don't do the work for the American "people". It's for the global bankster elites. They even are the ones who get all this unrest going and fometing revolt in other nations – and even ARE Al Qaeda when you get right down to it. (They were built and maintained by the CIA.) IT's all such a CIA con. These people with their "amateur hours" are nothing. They usually are operating individually – or they are CIA owned or operated or contrived or initiated. Roeder, the Muslim, Von Brunn were all lone gunmen with no CIA organization, startup, involvement, etc. – so none of them were terrorists in the truest sense of the word.

  • Early in the 911 Truth movement, there were disinfo agents trying to drum up support for the idea that the Jews/Zionists were to blame for 911. It was totally predictable that disinfo agents would try to float that idea now to discredit and try to paint over obvious scientific discrepencies in the credibility of government sources. It is having the interesting side effect of outing people, like Beck, who are in their employ or control. Instead of discrediting people who thoughtfully question what is going on, it is discrediting and making visible their own agents.

  • We'll see how far this plays in the MSM, but when the "previously convicted of trying to kidnap Federal Reserve employees" angle was reported, my first thought was "false flag to get people on the side of Bernanke & co." I wouldn't put it past the powers that be to have pulled this guy out from under a rock someplace, drugged him up, and set him lose with a gun just to influence public opinion.

  • "The overwhelming majority of people who protest the aggressive actions of the government of Israel, the Federal Reserve's policies, or the official explanation of 9/11 are peaceful grandparents, mothers, father, ministers, lawyers, doctors, accountants, firefighters, children and other healthy, stable people."Personally, I do not know of any children who question or protest the motives of the Federal Reserve, the actions of Israel, or 9-11…Besides the children who are conditioned by their parents who may protest or question these things.I usually see children as living in their own sheltered reality outside of the problems of adults, in their own microcosm (yes i do remember my childhood mindset)This author seems to be painting a blissful picture of the 'innocents' who he believes represent the majority. In effect idolizing the members of this specific group, especially by tagging the word 'children' at the end.Just as one person who believes that a majority of 911 truthers are kooks will tell you, this author picks the antonym and says that the majority of 911 truthers are not kooks. Truth is illusion. The convincing of one person by another creates 'truth'. Which story are you convinced by?

  • i agree

  • I posted a comment on the Boston Globe today regarding the shooting at the Holocaust Museum. I asked why we had such a museum in America when the Holocaust occurred in Europe against Europeans. The comment was deleted by the Globe. I tried again. This time not only pointing out I'd been censored but I also added, "why isn't there a Native American Holocaust museum?" This comment stayed posted (as far as I know). I find that interesting.I am a not a Holocaust denier but I certainly have come to question the hold it has over people. It bothers me that some people won't tolerate this.

  • World Trade Center 1, 2 and 7 were brought down by a controlled Demolition.This is a fact, it doesn't make me a terrorist for knowing this fact.