“Our Earth Is Degenerate in These Latter Days. There Are Signs That the World Is Speedily Coming to an End. Bribery and Corruption Are Common”

The quote above probably sounds like a garden-variety quote from a fundamentalist, right?

Why am I wasting space by repeating the quote?

It is actually from an Assyrian tablet from 2800 B.C.

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  • It certaintly will be different. Will it end, who knows , they have predicted the end of the world over and over again. I think you have two choices, don't think about it or one I've used since the fifties "Walk towards the flash"

  • Awesome

  • the world has ended many times. the earth will live on with or without people. The world is what man has created within the earth. world=synthetic, earth=natural. man is only making the planet inhospitable for himself. the foundation of the earth will never be moved. man is being given the chance to save themselves, the earth will always survive.

  • It is important to know the difference between "a" decline and "the" decline in planets, empires, and nations.The tablet in 2800 B.C. confused "a" with "the" … his empire did in fact go away, but it was a decline, not the decline.

  • Science predicts the same exact thing, although for very different reasons.