Wild New Discoveries about the Universe

Ethyl formate is the chemical compound which gives raspberries their flavor (and rum its smell).

Scientists now say that the center of our Milky Way galaxy is high in ethyl formate. In other words, an astronaut visiting the center of our galaxy – if he took off his helmet – would smell a rum smell and taste a raspberry taste.

Not weird enough for you?

Scientists say they have discovered a black hole in a distant galaxy that spouted water in a powerful jet:

Indeed, scientists say that “surveys of … younger galaxies show that … about 5% have powerful water masers”.

Drive-through car wash for future spaceships?

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  • Whoa! That is some cool stuff. Thanks for the post.

  • Water? Nothing in space is water. Its called Plasma. Plasma is electromagnetic. Which is why there are these fine filamentary jets. Black holes are often just a Plasma Focus, which can be built in a lab. Research Plasma Cosmology for more on this subject.

  • Ed

    Perhaps the Milky Way is made up of Rum atoms. Think about it. Electrons travel around a nucleus, and planets travel around sun. Who are we to say that life couldn’t exist on an electron?

  • when was this discovered?