Scientists Publish 3 Papers Raising Evidence Contradicting the Official Story of 9/11

You have probably heard that scientists have found “super-thermite” in the debris of the World Trade Centers (original scientific article).

In fact, two previous scientific papers have also found evidence contradicting the official story about 9/11:

Indeed, numerous world-class scientists have found evidence contradicting the official story.

If you don’t buy the scientists’ arguments, that’s fine. You can instead look at what the following highly-credible experts say about 9/11:

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  • You can’t get past the first 30 minutes of the high jacking without knowing something was amiss. Too many procedures were violated that we have seen put into action before. Remember the golfer and the Gulfsteam that 3 minutes after they lost contact interceptors were in the air and armed. Just for drill where is the air traffic control tape that went missing end up. Too many questions unasked and unanswered for me.

  • Cheney succeeded with 9/11, watch for him to strike again, worked so well for his crowd the first time…

  • The official 9-11 story is full of lies, just like everything else they say. Our government is corrupt from top to bottom, just as our Founders warned it would be. And everyone who played the stupid RedTeam-BlueTeam game — going against the warnings of George Washington as he left office — is mostly to blame.