Poll: Do You Think Geithner is Worse than Paulson, Better, or More of the Same?

Leading economists have said that Geithner’s actions are just more of the same. For example, Paul Krugman says that “Tim Geithner, the Treasury secretary, has persuaded President Obama to recycle Bush administration policy”.

In fact, Geithner is throwing a lot more money at the banks, hedge funds and other bigs than Paulson did.

Do you think that Geithner is worse than Paulson, better than Paulson or about the same?

Final Poll Results:

Yes, he’s worse than Paulson.
113 (13%)
No, he’s better than Paulson.
25 (3%)
They’re about the same.
56 (6%)
They all serve the same financial elites, so it doesn’t matter who the Treasury secretary is.
617 (76%)
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  • Worse than Paulson because he serves a popular president with a Congress of the same party, meaning that the potential damage he can do (and is doing) is that much greater.I also think he is somehow deluding himself that he’s actually acting in the public’s best interest, while Paulson was more self-aware.

  • How does one choose between suicide and starvation? Most Americans are mis-/uninformed concerning the consequences of the actions being taken by these men. Furthermore the financial aspect is only a facet of a much larger ‘jewel’ called GLOBALIZATION. If you look at the ‘political’ and ‘religious’ aspects of the conditions in America you see the unification of ideologies. For those people that are paying attention to what is going on it’s like being poor in New Orleans in the hours before Katrina. They don’t have the means to avoid what they know is unavoidable. They will be forced to starve to death by the people that the misinformed Americans ‘voted’ for. And please don’t get me wrong EITHER candidate was merely two faces of the same coin. We aren’t ALLOWED the luxury of picking our representatives. They are APPOINTED for us.

  • Jon

    Tiny Tim Geithner is a shifty Zionist!!!! Look at his eyes light up when he hears about Palestinians and Mullahs getting killed in Kashmir and the Occupied Territories!! YIKES!!!!!!He is the last we want in charge of the treasury, everyone protest now!

  • I say Geithner is worse. Paulson was pretty much straightforward that he was raping the Treasury to pay off Goldman Sachs buddies. The 3-page proposed bill, the no-oversight demands, etc. Geithner is executing the same plan but lying about it, so that’s compounds the offense.

  • How do you rate bad? Bad, badder or baddest? All fixes have been ponzi schemes for us.

  • Geithner is definitely worse than Paulson.Paulson wasn't really trying to save shareholders. He was willing to let FNM & FRE go. He let Lehman go-he just should have done it in a more orderly fashion.The PPIP is far worse than Paulson's bad bank proposals. The PPIP is shockingly bad for the average American. Obama is a major disappointment as well. The American people voted for a huge change in policy and Obama gives us Geithner. Obama should be listening to Volker. It's strange, FDR was an aristocrat but had no problem shutting down insolvent institutions. Obama comes from humble beginnings and has no problem selling out the average American.