Former White House Counsel Dean: If Hersh Allegations True, Cheney Guilty of War Crimes, Murder

Dick Cheney is almost certainly guilty of war crimes for his role in setting up and promoting the policy of torture. Even Colin Powell’s former chief of staff thinks so.

In addition, former White House counsel John Dean says that – if Hersh’s allegations that Cheney ordered executive assassinations are true – Cheney is guilty of war crimes and murder:

Does America still follow the rule of law? Or are the high and mighty above the law?

Actions speak louder than words – and so the answer will be provided by whether or not Cheney is actually prosecuted.

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  • Assassinations of terrorists is a good thing.President Obama has stepped up this activity using drone strikes in Pakistan.

  • This doesn’t just make Cheney guilty of terrorism and war crimes, it makes the US guilty of terrorism and war crimes. If this thing is buried then the entire planet will see the US for what it is: an outlaw terrorist state.

  • How many people were actually sent to jail over Iran-Contra ? This is not a new phenomenon – what’s new is that they did not feel the need to hide illegality. In fact, Cheney almost openly reveled in his role as Dr. Evil.

  • Derrald Taylor

    What it takes to remain free is not always pretty. This is not a nice world and sometimes we cannot be always the nice guys. Who can we prosecute for 9/11? Get off it.