The Maestro Changes His Tune

Alan Greenspan – nicknamed “The Maestro” for the way he “conducted” the economy – is changing his tune:

  • And last, but not least, the man who preached that a new bubble be blown every time the last one bursts is now warning against the government incurring too much debt:
    “Much of the fiscal deficit is being funded by foreigners who see U.S. government debt as the ultimate safe haven in all this turbulence,” Greenspan said. “The long American history of honoring our obligations, dating back to Alexander Hamilton, remains a powerful attraction to foreign investors. But there is obviously a limit to the expansion of U.S. federal debt.”

For years, the Maestro told us that the music was not out of tune, that it was simply a new, better type of music. Now that the charade has ended, and economists grounded in reality are speaking up, it is obvious for all to hear that Greenspan was horribly out of tune after all.

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  • The Grey Tiger

    Another skunk tries to change his stripes. Ain’t it grand all these Free Market types who fleeing their sinking ship. One after another they are seeing the error of their ways they say. I suspect that they are just being opportunistic in an attempt to stay relevant. GOOD LUCK WITH THATHere’s another skunk I called out on my blog yesterday.

  • EQ

    Hey GeorgeThey are trying to cover up that the CEO of U.S. Bank just said that they forced them to take TARP money and use it to buy up other banks.