China Tips Toward Deflation

The world-wide plunge into deflation is accelerating, and will soon hit China.

Specifically, analysts polled by the Dow Jones Newswires forecast that China will head into negative 2.6% inflation.

In the short-term, the world will sink deeper into deflation. At some point, however, in a year, or 2 or 10, the number of dollars printed will almost certainly lead to hyperinflation.

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  • Lindsey Williams, a frequent guest of Alex Jones, is convinced inflation will begin roaring away within the year. We’ll see. The Mugambo Guru has been predicting this for years. I’d bang on his bunker door and ask him what’s next but I’m afraid of getting shot.I’m stunned to see the boldness with which the banksters and their allies in the Federal government are pillaging the country — it’s a Russian “oligarch” redux. Incredible to see this unfolding in my lifetime, and so fast.