Where Does It Stop? Government May Spend ANOTHER 4 Trillion Dollars

Eonomists are saying that up to four trillion dollars may be spent on a “bad bank” to dispose of derivatives and other toxic assets (see also this).

Where does it stop?

Where will the money come from?

How many additional years will the depression be extended by the government’s reckless actions?

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  • I am predicting thaat the US debt ceiling will rise from the current 11.3 trillion to 15 trillion dollars this year. We could pass 16 or even 17 trillion before the end of 2009.Things will atart going south fast after we pass 15 trillion dollars in debt as that will equal our GDP. It will be a sign to fund managers around the world to dump the dollar.Keep an eye on the vote for a new debt ceiling when they pass that Stimulus Bill. They might have to raise the debt ceiling to 14.5 or 14.7 trillion dollars in less than a month.

  • Is anyone awake? Does my voice resonate in empty space? Can you hear the fall over the snoring of the masses?