Former Wall St. Journal Editor: “What We Are Witnessing Is A Once Great Power Engaging In Fantasy To Disguise From Itself That It Is A Failed State”

In an article entitled “Will There Be a Recovery?”, Former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury, and former editor of the Wall Street Journal editor, Paul Craig Roberts pens the best one-liner of the week:

What we are witnessing is a once great power engaging in fantasy to disguise from itself that it is a failed state.

He’s referring, of course, to the U.S.

Runner-up for best zinger is Keith Olbermann’s rebuttal to Cheney’s statement that the administration kept us safe from further attacks after 9/11:

“Listen, you fatuous, condescending lunatic,” Olbermann erupted. “Your task was not to deal with the aftermath of 9/11 — it was to prevent 9/11.”

“And if you utterly whiffed,” concluded Olbermann, “on the most important test of all the presidencies in your lifetime, Mr. Cheney, you do not get credit for getting a C on the pop quizzes that followed.”

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  • PCR is globalist/socialist. The alternative media really ought to think twice before giving him a platform.

  • Scott, if Paul Craig Roberts were a socialist or a globalist(?) then that would be all the better reason for the alternative media to give him a platform. Alternative media attempt to present alternative views, not more of the same drivel that is delivered by the mainstream media.Given that PCR was a Reagan’s Asst Secretary of the Treasury, I find it difficult to believe he is a socialist. As for globalist, that’s one of those terms that is generally defined by the person using it to mean whatever they want it to mean.

  • SG

    Paul Craig Roberts is far from a socialist and even farther from a globalist.Scott, have you read some of the articles he writes?He is actually anti-globalist, which is why i find your comment so odd

  • Odd indeed. Two misleading assertions in one four-word sentence.

  • t

    Go Keith Olbermann !!Thank you for speaking bare-bones Truth to fatuous, condescending old lunatics !! Like a breath of fresh air !!