Whatever Doubts I Have About Obama, I’m Still Happy An African-American Man Has Been Elected President

My father got beaten up as a kid by a group of African-Americans (he was white, like me).

But my father was a strong and big-hearted man . . . instead of becoming a racist, he volunteered in the South during the 1960’s to help black civil rights protestors who were harassed and arrested, and he supported civil rights his whole life.

If he were alive, my father would be very happy that a black man has been elected president.

Whatever doubts I may have about Obama being a polished mouthpiece for the powers-that-be such as the military-industrial complex and financial elites, I am still happy that a black man has been elected president.

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  • My opinion:I couldn’t care less what his ethnicity is; but that doesn’t mean I ignore the reality that it is a major factor for others;In that sense, being a major factor for many, particularly the proles; and considering the military doctrine need for ‘another 9-11’ or ‘a lot of dead people to wake America up’; I suspect it is simply another option added to the Military Doctrine Option of accomplishing aforementioned ‘Catastrophic Wake Up Call to Americans’ in the same way as was done to Lincoln and a few others. As such: I doubt he will see the end of his term. Now as President, considering geopolitical realities; for some he just may be a hell of a lot more valuable dead under very controversial circumstances; than alive…I’m happy for him and his family and everyone whose happy he’s elected president by the same people, whom if he’s death is not used as the catastrophic event; he is going to escalate the War on Terror, with the use of one; that is going to result in a military draft for a “surge” in da ‘War on Overpopulation”..Anyway that’s my perspective; undoubtedly others disagree… JMCSwan

  • Imagine Americans electing a man who dressed and looked like Liberace in the 1940’s. Let’s also say his name was Josef Stalino Hitlerschmidt. The FDR administration would have to pull off disaster after disaster for that to happen. What happened on November 4, 2008, wasn’t supposed to happen. Americans weren’t supposed to be that disgusted with the neocon agenda, but surprisingly they were. I’m white, but I hope the election of Barrack Hussein Obama creates many an opportunity for sane conversation to return to the White House.

  • I say again, ‘congratulations, President-elect Obama’!

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