The War in Afghanistan Is Unwinnable

Veteran journalist Tariq Ali said this morning that the war in Afghanistan is lost.

Specifically, he said that British intelligence has concluded that – no matter how many troops are sent in – the war is already lost and is unwinnable in the future.

Ali also said that, should Obama follow through on his campaign promise to send more troops into Afghanistan, it would be a foreign policy blunder as big as Bush getting us into Iraq.

No one since Alexander the Great has conquered Afghanistan. America and England will not break that losing streak.

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  • Good point. ISTR that the Soviets dumped hundreds of thousands of troops into Afghanistan and could not win.The US should declare victory and leave both Afghanistan and Iraq.

  • If Obama was smart, he’d bring home all the troops, and thank them by giving them each a $20k bonus and another $20k housing credit good toward the purchase of any home. And I’m not talking about just Iraq and Afghanistan. I’m talking about ALL troops. Bring them home, give them a bonus and let them spend the money in America.