The “G20 Summit Will be the First Ever Meeting of G20 Countries at Head of State Level.”

I’ve previously written that big changes could come out of the November 15th meeting of the G-20. It could be a shift of the world’s reserve currency away from the dollar, an expansion of the power of international institutions to regulate the world’s economies, or something else.

But given that the “G20 summit will be the first ever meeting of G20 countries at head of state level one thing is clear: this is not just a normal meeting of the G20.

Something big may happen, but not be publicly announced. Or something big might be started, and not implemented until next year (my guess).

But, any way you look at it, the G20 meeting might be more important to the world economy then the election of Obama as president of the U.S.

Sign a petition to the G20 demanding a monetary system that puts people first.

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    GW – I am interested in more about your thoughts concerning possible outcomes of the meeting, major discussion points, and historical equivalence of not releasing anything for such a period of time.

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  • Sign a petition to the G20 demanding a monetary system that puts people first.What exactly do you mean by this? The g20 protesters don’t have a clue. The whole thing is a fraud. The best thing they could have done is to support their governments reach a conclusion.I am a banker in London, and Ive setup a blog to voice my opinion: have got out of hand – but as a banker I still play a very important part in society.